Does Throwing Up Make You Lose Weight?

The answer to the question of “Does throwing up make you lose weight” seems obvious, but it turns out that throwing up after eating will eventually cause weight gain as well as a whole host of health problems.

Throwing up will cause a weight loss in the short term because you are reducing calories. Other healthy ways to burn or restrict calories is to eat healthier foods, avoid high calorie and high fat foods, and to exercise.
People who engage in throwing up after they eat often suffer from an eating disorder known as bulimia. A study done by a Pittsburgh laboratory tracked over a dozen bulimic females to see how many calories their bodies expelled when vomiting.

Each woman ate over 2,000 calories per binge session and immediately vomited. The data showed that despite the vomiting, their bodies retained over 1,300 calories. The results showed that throwing up was not nearly effective as a way to decrease calories as was previously thought.

Obviously throwing up is not a healthy way of losing weight, but it turns out it is not effective either. The Pittsburgh study showed that the human body will retain between 50-60% of calories eaten even when vomiting is induced immediately after eating.

Anyone who participates in vomiting as a way to lose weight should seek immediate help for a possible eating disorder.

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