Does Throwing Up Get Rid Of Calories?

Throwing up to reduce calorie intake is a sure sign of an eating disorder. If you are engaging in this type of behavior you should consider getting help to learn healthy ways to lose weight.

People believe that throwing up after eating will reduce their calorie intake and help them lose weight. Typically they eat a meal then immediately induce vomiting. So does throwing up get rid of calories?

Yes it does, but not as much as you think. A study done of a group of bulimic females tracked how many calories they lost after going on a binge then purging. The average binge was just over 2,000 calories and the calorie retention was about 50%. That means the body was able to retain about 1,000 calories even when vomiting took place immediately.

The number surprised researchers who thought the number would be much less. This shows that this “technique” for losing weight is not nearly as effective as most people think it is.

Not only is this not a good way to lose weight it also has serious health consequences. Vomiting is very hard on the body and can cause serious problems with the body’s organs and systems.

Again, vomiting is not a recommended way to lose weight. If you engage in this activity you need to speak to a health care provider or mental health counselor right away.

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