Does Tea Count As Water Intake?

Tea should not be counted as water intake, despite the amount of water found in one cup of tea.  This is true of both herbal or caffeinated tea.

Water should be counted as water intake, no other fluids.  However, some people who drink a lot of herbal tea do count the tea as part of their water intake.  If you are trying to lose weight and watching the number of cups of water consumed each day, it is important to only count water as actual water intake.

There is much dispute and many arguments on whether tea should be counted.  Herbal tea may be, but it is not as natural as water itself. Herbal tea, for the most part, does not contain caffeine so there are not any dehydrating factors in a cup of tea.  Drinking tea in excess may cause you to urinate more frequently, but typically does not lead to dehydration.

The most accurate way to count your water intake is to stick to the source.  Water is the most natural form and hydrates the body more than any other fluid.  While tea contains 99% water, it is still not as natural as water itself.  And, let’s face it, nothing quenches your thirst better than an ice cold glass of H2O.  Water is essential to weight loss and critical for your health.

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