Does Tanning Make You Look Thinner?

There is an old wive’s tale in the weight loss industry that claims, tanned fat is better than white fat, because it makes you look better. So, does tanning really make you look thinner?

According to a recent article in Marie Claire, tanning, whether sprayed on or all-natural, can make you have the appearance of looking slimmer.  Bodybuilders and bikini fitness competitors always resort to dark tanning sprays and brushes before taking the stage in order to accentuate the muscles through shadows and lights.  Customized salon sprays that maximize your assets and hide your negative parts are used by celebrities and even athletes before a photo shoot.

The key to looking thinner through tanning is to keep it natural.  You want to bring out the muscles you do have, not draw on the six-pack you don’t have.  Self-tanners can be used in a vertical fashion around the tummy to make the muscles stand out.  Professional salons have staff who specialize in tanning and know the techniques to make you look thinner overall.

Stay away from being too heavy-handed if using self tanners at home.  The worst thing you can do is look like you have tried to create an illusion that is just not happening.  Dancing with the Stars contestants resort to tanning to make them appear thinner on-screen.  The most popular technique is spray-on tanning.


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