Does Sugar Make You Fat?

Eating too much sugar does make you fat because sugar is anything but healthy and nutritious.  Most people are not consuming tablespoons of sugar by themselves, but rather, eating sugar in the foods they consume.  Sugar can be found in processed foods, sweets, breads and soda drinks.  Consuming large quantities of these foods can make people gain weight because excess calories are taken in.

When a person does not burn the calories being consumed and create a calorie deficit, they are susceptible to gaining weight.  Eating too much sugar and sugary sweets does lead to weight gain.

A major problem with overeating sugar is the insulin issue.  When too much sugar is consumed there is a spike in insulin in the system and blood sugar levels get out of whack.  This causes a hormonal imbalance and slowed metabolism.  Some people even find that they become insulin resistant from consuming too many sweets and processed foods that contain sugar.  All of these issues lead to weight gain and obesity.

The body’s entire fat-burning system can come to a screeching halt because of too much sugar.  The sugar is stored as adipose and the waistline begins to grow because of this issue and all of these lead to weight gain and fat being piled on.  To combat the problem, healthy foods must be consumed and sugar removed from the food choices.

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