Does Studying Burn Calories?

Studying does burn calories, as does a wide variety of restful activities.  While your body may be resting during a study session, your mind is working overtime.  Any processes or activities that the body undergoes leads to calories being burned.

Resting may only burn on average 50 calories an hour, while studying may burn 70 calories an hour.  Whatever the activity, your body never stops burning calories, even when asleep. Your body requires energy to survive and keep its organs and systems operating effectively.  Your body requires a certain number of calories each day in order to effectively keep these systems fueled and operating.  Studying requires a lot of brain power and mental engagement, so calories are needed to keep the system operating the right way.

Studying burns more calories than sleeping because you are awake, and people typically burn 50% more calories when they are awake than when they are asleep.  The exact number of calories burned is contingent on a person’s physical fitness level, muscle tone, gender, age and a wide variety of other variables.  The more in shape a person is, the more calories they will burn when studying.  A person who is overweight and out of shape will typically burn less calories because they do not have as much muscle, and muscle always burns more calories than fat does.

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