Does Stretching Burn Calories?

Stretching before or after your workout does burn calories and is highly recommended as part of an exercise program.  Not only will you prevent injury, but you may also burn a few extra calories you were not counting on. Stretching is that vital component of exercise that helps prevent a muscle tear, soreness, or worse.  Mild to moderate stretching should be done everyday, even on your off-workout days.  For those who swear by yoga, pilates and strength training, stretching is a critical part of the workout.  If done correctly, you can burn about 150 calories in a half-hour of stretching.

Most people neglect stretching and see it as a waste of calorie burning time, but it is highly recommended by people who understand the benefits.  Stretching promotes muscle growth, speeds up muscle recovery and stimulates blood flow.  All of these benefits cause more calories to be burned.  When you stretch, you put pressure on muscles that need it.  You bend, move and expend energy which is crucial to burning calories.

The best time to stretch is following an intensive workout.  The additional time spent on stretching can burn another 50-75 calories if done correctly.  As you stretch, your heart rate steadily improves and causes blood to be pumped into the areas you are working.  This process burns calories while helping your muscles stabilize.

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