Does Staying Awake Burn Calories?

The body is an amazing machine.  It burns calories when you are both awake and asleep.  Many people wonder if staying awake burns more calories than going to sleep.  The truth is that going to sleep actually helps you burn more calories in the long-run than staying awake.  It may seem like staying awake and keeping busy will burn more calories than if you were to go to sleep, but sleep requires energy too.

When a person sleeps they burn on average between 80-90 calories an hour.  During this time, the body recharges and rests so that you are able to burn the adequate amount of calories during wakeful hours.  If the body is sleep deprived, the system recognizes this state and goes into a conservation mode.  This means that fat is stored and preserved because the body is in stress.  When sleep deprived it is difficult to lose weight, which means that calories are not being burned at an optimal level.

While staying awake for a night may burn more calories than if going to sleep, over the long run this practice can be detrimental to one’s health and weight loss efforts.  In order to lose weight effectively and burn the required amount of calories to shed pounds, you must get enough rest.  Doctors recommend no less than seven hours a night to maintain a health body weight.

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