Does Sparkling Water Hydrate?

The consumption of sparkling waters and juices is at an all time high. People assume that when they drink sparkling water they are properly hydrating their bodies. But is this true? Does sparkling water hydrate you?

The answer is yes. But it does not hydrate you as well as good old fashioned water. Sparkling water is made up of water, which is then carbonated and then infused with other ingredients such as flavoring, sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors and even vitamins and herbs.

Science has proven that adding carbonation to water does not affect hydration. It’s the other ingredients such as caffeine, sugar and coloring that affects the hydration abilities of sparkling water. Nutritionists say that if you want to get the maximum benefit of sparkling water you should enjoy the variety that has no added ingredients other than carbonated water.

Unfortunately people typically consume sparkling water that is more like colorless soda. It will hydrate you, but does not do nearly as good of a job.
It is recommended that you never use sparkling water as hydration when engaged in rigorous exercises or sports. It is best to enjoy a sparkling water during non-active times.

So there you have it. Now you know that sparkling water hydrates you, but it does not do as good of a job as plain water.

Suzanne Somers

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