Does Soy Sauce Go Bad?

Have a bottle of soy sauce that has been sitting on your shelf for years?  Ever wondered does soy sauce go bad?

There is an expiration date on most bottles of soy sauce, so it does expire. Most people ignore the date and just stick it on the shelf and forget about it, but soy sauce can really go bad if stored for long periods of time.

Soy sauce can be stored for a year or 18 months with no problem, but once you reach the two year mark it can become very stale and distasteful.  Soy sauce can even begin to ferment or obtain a sour like taste.  When this happens, you can be sure that the sauce has gone bad and it is time to throw it out.
If unopened, soy sauce can sit on the shelf for a year or two.  If opened it is best to use the sauce up within the first six months, however, sitting on the shelf longer doesn't necessarily hurt.

Some people find that keeping soy sauce in the refrigerator can keep it from expiring.  While it still can expire, it can be kept longer and fresher if placed in the refrigerator.

Soy sauce does go bad, but if you watch the expiration date you should be fine.  If you question the date, smell it and taste it before using it.

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