Does Snapple Have Caffeine?

Snapple makes a huge variety of teas and drinks. There are literally dozens of Snapple flavors that have satisfied thirst consumers over the years. So does Snapple have caffeine? It all depends on the type, but for the most part Snapple does have caffeine. Lets take a look.

The following flavors are listed with how many milligrams of caffeine are in it:
    •    (Caffeine Free) Snapple 3 mg caffeine 
    •    Cranberry Twist Snapple 21 mg caffeine 
    •    Diet Lemon Snapple 21 mg caffeine 
    •    Diet Lime Green Snapple 5 mg caffeine 
    •    Diet Peach Snapple 21 mg caffeine 
    •    Diet Raspberry Snapple 21 mg caffeine 
    •    Kiwi Teawi Snapple 5 mg caffeine 
    •    Just Plain Unsweetened Snapple 9 mg caffeine 
    •    Lemon Snapple 21 mg caffeine 
    •    Lemonade Iced Snapple 9 mg caffeine 
    •    Lime Green Snapple 5 mg caffeine 
    •    Mint Snapple 21 mg caffeine 
    •    Peach Snapple 21 mg caffeine 
    •    Raspberry Snapple 22 mg caffeine

That's not much caffeine per serving. To help put this in perspective, one cup of decaf coffee has 5 mg of caffeine. One regular cup of coffee has 100-150 mg of caffeine. So even the Snapple with the most caffeine has about 1/5 of the amount in a cup of coffee.

Health experts say that beverages should not replace water consumption. Its fine to drink a Snapple but they do add a lot of calories and sugar to your diet.
Its also easy to consume them and end up shortchanging yourself on water. Be sure to drink enough water and try diet varieties of Snapple to cut down your calorie and sugar intake. A regular Snapple can have much sugar as an entire soda, and in some cases even more.

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