Does Smoking Cigarettes Make You Poop?

It seems that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that smoking makes people have to go number two. Is this the truth or is it more of an urban legend? Does smoking cigarettes make you poop? Let’s settle this question once and for all.

The answer to the question “does smoking cigarettes make you poop?” is a resounding yes. Why? The chemicals in cigarettes, mainly the nicotine, act as a stimulant to the body. Once nicotine hits your system it increases activity in the intestines, increases saliva, and increases bronchial activity. In other words, it stimulates your entire digestive system to the point where it has to go.

Many people who give up smoking report suffering from serious bouts of constipation. Their bodies are used to the nicotine laxative that helps them poop. Conversely, new smokers tend to have increased bowel movements because of the new exposure to the effects of nicotine.

People who smoke and drink coffee together get hit with a double whammy. Coffee and cigarettes combined are known as the dynamic duo when it comes to relaxing the bowels and causing a bowel movement.

So there you have it. The correct answer to one of life’s great mysteries. Yes, cigarettes make you poop. If you’re constipated there are better ways of unclogging your pipes like fiber.

Suzanne Somers

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