Does Smirnoff Ice Expire?

So, the Smirnoff Ice has been sitting on the shelf of your pantry or in the refrigerator for months and you are wondering if it will expire?

As with any alcoholic drink, it can go bad and lose its potency, but there is no scientific evidence showing that it will expire.  This is good news for the casual drinker, who sips on a bottle for weeks at a time.  However, don't expect your drink to be very powerful after sitting in the pantry for a decade.

The best place to store your Smirnoff Ice is in the refrigerator.  Keeping the alcohol cold will keep it more intact than sitting in a warm place. Here the alcohol can degrade and break down.  It is better to keep the bottles in the refrigerator.

If you are storing the Smirnoff Ice in a pantry or cupboard, make sure the area is free from sunlight and cool, rather than a hot spot.  If stored in direct sunlight, the drink could lose its potency right away and even cause the drink to taste bad. Once the cap is removed from the drink, it could spoil in a short amount of time, especially if left out of the refrigerator.  Keep it capped and in the fridge for optimal storage and smell the drink before consuming it to ensure it is still good.
We hope this article answers the popular question "Does Smirnoff Ice Expire?"

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