Does Skipping Burn More Calories Than Running?

Certain activities can burn more calories because of the energy required to fuel you through them. For example, jogging burns more calories than walking. But what about skipping? Does skipping burn more calories than running?

For the most part you do burn more calories skipping than running. Why? The reason is that skipping incorporates the entire body including the upper body. When you incorporate your entire body you need more energy, which results in more calories burned.

Skipping may seem like a silly little kid activity, but it is a training method used by world class athletes who want to increase their cardiovascular conditioning and their explosiveness. One visit to a training camp for football, baseball, and basketball players and you will see them on the field or court skipping. They often do it to warm up and cool down.

Good runners are taught to conserve energy by keeping their upper bodies as still as possible because it conserves energy. Skipping done in its correct form includes all of the major muscle groups. If you are looking for a way to get toned and lose fat all over your body – skipping is the exercise that will do it.

Many people do skipping intervals done in short bursts of 30-120 seconds followed by short periods of rest. This leads to your body continuing burning fat and calories for up to two hours after you are done.

Suzanne Somers

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