Does Sierra Mist Have Caffeine?

To put it plainly, Sierra Mist does not have caffeine.  This is great news for those who love lemon-lime flavored soda but cant tolerate caffeine due to headaches, jitters or anxiety.

Some people exhibit lots of symptoms when they consume too much caffeine, so for those who enjoy drinking soda throughout the day this is great news.
Sierra Mist is similar in its properties and ingredients as 7-Up, Fresca and other transparent sodas.  There is a lot of sugar found in each drink, but no caffeine.
In fact, manufacturers of these types of sodas market the fact that the pop is caffeine free.

Parents who have children that consume pop on a regular basis prefer to serve up Sierra Mist because there is no caffeine in the beverage. Rather than children getting jacked up on caffeine, this element is eliminated from Sierra Mist. However, there is a lot of sugar which can cause children to exhibit caffeine like symptoms when consumed.

Sierra Mist is especially popular with those who do not like dark-colored soda or a lot of caffeine.  Sierra Mist is available in diet varieties for those who are watching their calories as well. Since Sierra Mist does not have caffeine it can be enjoyed at all hours of the night without the affect of being kept awake.  This is great news for soda drinkers who just have to have their pop at night.


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