Does Shivering Burn Calories?

We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable feeling of being cold to the point of shivering. Your teeth are jittering and you can’t seem to hold still. Shivering is one way that your body tries to warm itself. So does shivering burn calories?

Yes. Shivering does in fact burn a significant number of calories. Experts say that people were much slimmer in years past because they were outside more and their homes were not as warm which meant their bodies burned more calories.

Your basal metabolic rate (calories burned while doing nothing) increases when you are in the cold. It increases significantly when you shiver. In fact, you can burn up to 450 calories per hour shivering. If you want to burn a few extra calories you can turn down the temperature in your house a few degrees as well as drink plenty of ice cold water. You’ll also save a ton of money on the monthly heat bill.

The reason shivering burns extra calories is pretty simple. The body has to expend more energy to keep itself warm. The added movement and accelerated internal processes going on all result in extra energy (calories) being burned off.

Don’t go and cancel your gym membership and buy an extra large freezer anytime soon, but you may want to run outside in the brisk weather as opposed to running on a treadmill inside.

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