Agave Nectar Nutrition Facts

Agave nectar is a popular sweetener made from several agave plants from Mexico and South America. It is becoming more mainstream as the health benefits of it become more known. The production process is quite interesting.

The plant leaves are cut off after it has aged for at least seven years but no more than fourteen. The agave juice is then squeezed from the plant and filtered. Next it is heated down into simple sugars. Agave is much sweeter than honey.

Below are Agave Nectar nutrition facts:

•    60 calories 

•    16 grams carbohydrates 

•    15 grams sugar

•    1 gram fiber

Agave nectar contains no protein or fat. It also contains a lower glycemic rating than regular sugar, which means it is digested much slower by the body. That means your body gets consistent energy and your blood sugar levels stay regulated. This makes agave nectar much better for diabetics and health conscience individuals.

Agave nectar is a great sugar substitute to use in drinks and food recipes. There are some dangers according to experts. Some agave plants contain steroids and can cause adverse effects in pregnant women. Women should be sure read the labels to make sure the agave they are purchasing does not contain these steroids.

Other than that, Agave nectar is a healthy alternative to sugar and sugar substitutes. Its all natural and is digested by the body slowly over time.


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