Does Seasonique Cause Weight Gain?

Seasonique is a birth control pill that has been reported to cause weight gain through prolonged use.  In fact, some women report weight gain immediately following the onset of taking the contraceptive.

About 3% of all women taking Seasonique report weight gain.  Some women report gaining five pounds, while others report gaining nearly fifty pounds throughout the first year of taking the contraceptive. Seasonique regulates the menstrual cycle providing just four periods a year due to hormone balance and regulation. There are a large number of hormones introduced into the body in order to cause four periods a year, as opposed to the normal monthly schedule most women have.

Due to the influx of hormones, women have trouble with weight gain. The average weight per year of new users of Seasonique gained is ten pounds.  Most women who experienced a greater weight gain did so due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

If you experience weight gain while taking Seasonique it is important to discuss the problem with your doctor.  Your treating physician will examine your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise program to determine what is causing the weight gain problem.  If continued weight gain occurs, it is common that your doctor may recommend an alternative birth control medication.  Weight gain is not uncommon for users of birth control and hormone based contraceptives.

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