Does Pop Dehydrate You?

Pop has become the target of much criticism in recent years – even the diet variety. With pop consumption at an all-time high it begs the question, “Does pop dehydrate you?”

This question has caused a lot of debate within health and nutrition circles, but studies done show that it does not.

For something to dehydrate you it has to remove more fluid from your body than it adds. Soda is made up of carbonated water. Many people believe that adding carbonation changes the way the body digests and utilizes water but it does not. The only thing carbonation does is add bubbles. The body does not differentiate between the two.

What does cause a slight water loss is the caffeine in the soda, but there is not nearly enough caffeine in soda, or any other type of drink for that matter, to remove that much water from your system. The reason this myth persists is that people often consume pop in place of water and it makes them feel thirsty. Naturally soda is not as good of a thirst quencher because of the caffeine, sugar and colors, but it does not dehydrate you.

Experts say that drinking soda is okay in moderation, but should not be consumed on a daily basis. It should also not be consumed in place of water.

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