Does Pickle Juice Clean Your System?

Pickle Juice and pickles are know as macrobiotic foods that can facilitate better digestion. Some people believe that pickle juice can cleanse your system of narcotic substances such as THC found in marijuana. But does pickle juice clean your system?

The answer is no. Pickle juice is certainly good for you, but it cannot cleanse your body of THC. THC is stored within the fat cells of the body, and the only thing that will remove it is time. The belief that pickle juice will cleanse your system and urine is simply another urban myth perpetuated by arm-chair science. Some nutritionists recommend the eating of pickles because it can improve digestion, but it is recommended they be eaten in moderation because of their high salt content.

Some people also report that pickle juice will help alleviate symptoms of gout as well. This is yet again another myth that has never been proven by sound and thorough testing. The thinking that pickle juice works is because it supposedly eliminates bad bacteria in the body from building up. It does help balance the acid levels in the stomach somewhat by helping facilitate good digestion but that’s about it.

If you’re going to ingest pickle juice as a way to cleanse your system be sure to drink at least eight ounces of water immediately after. Never consume more than one cup of pickle juice at a time.

Suzanne Somers

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