Does Phentermine Work?

Originally, phentermine was part of the well-known and now infamous weight loss drug known as fen-phen.  While it worked well, the drug was taken off the market because of the serious side effects that developed in people taking the drug.  But, what about phentermine? Does phentermine really work?

Phentermine can be a useful drug for people with weight issues and those who have struggled with obesity for long periods of time. The drug is designed to increase a persons energy and cause the metabolism to speed up and work faster.  The weight is supposed to come off quickly, especially at the onset of taking the drug and as a result keeps the person motivated and more inclined to stick with their weight loss program.

With immediate weight loss results, health issues and problems associated with obesity typically clear up quickly.  People with joint pain, sleep issues and other problems associated with obesity experience relief as the weight comes off.  Since more energy is reached, people taking the drug are reported to have more energy to work through their daily activities and some find that they are doing more than before taking the drug.

Currently this weight loss drug is regulated by the FDA and can only be obtained via a prescription by a doctor.  You will not find this drug sold over the counter.  It is a powerful weight loss drug that provides immediate results for people taking it.  However, it does not come without its issues and possible side effects.

People taking the drug must have their blood pressure monitored on a regular basis because phentermine may cause the blood pressure to rise on occasion.  A doctor will keep track of your blood pressure readings periodically while taking the drug to ensure that no problems arise. The drug is not recommended for those who suffer from pre-existing heart conditions, glaucoma, or are currently taking MAO inhibitors.  Aside from obesity related issues, doctors may not be as quick to add phentermine to your existing batch of pills unless you offer a clean bill of health.

While there are pros and cons to taking just about any drug, phentermine is considered by the medical community to be safe and effective. However, nothing replaces good old-fashioned hard work and dedication. In order to lose weight effectively and healthfully, the best way is through a healthy diet and exercise.  In fact, doctors recommend a healthy diet accompanied with regular exercise while taking the weight loss drug.  As a result, the weight loss may be enhanced and the pounds shed more quickly.  As with any weight loss drug, it is wise to consult with your treating physician before taking.

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