Does Orange Soda Have Caffeine?

For the most part, orange soda does not have caffeine.  Orange soda is not like most sodas.  Aside from the same sugar base the difference is in the taste and level of caffeine.  Yes, there are a few differences.

There is no caffeine in orange soda which is why some parents state that it is better for children who insist on drinking pop.  While some parents refuse to give soda of any sorts to their children, nutritionists state that if your child is going to drink soda it is best to make sure it is caffeine free.  Between the sugar and caffeine, your child could be bouncing off the walls in no time.

Orange soda is caffeine free, which makes it a popular drink among those who experience symptoms associated with caffeine consumption. Some report headaches after the consumption of caffeine, so orange or other flavored sodas are selected.  There is still a healthy dose of sugar in orange soda and virtually no nutritional value.

Also, soda drinkers who enjoy having a can or glass at night welcome orange flavored soda because it doesn't keep them awake at night.  The sugar can cause some adverse affects, especially if consumed over the long term, but since orange soda does not have caffeine it is often the choice for those who drink pop at night.

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