Does Orange Juice Make You Poop?

Many people report having a bowel movement after drinking orange juice. This anecdotal evidence leads to the question? Does orange juice make you poop?

The answer is – yes it can, but it is far from a laxative. Orange juice has citric acid in it that can cause some people to have gastrointestinal issues that lead to an upset stomach and a bowel movement. This effects are different in people because the acid in orange juice varies from person to person.

Another reason that many people are led to believe that orange juices causes a bowel movement is that it is often consumed first thing in the morning with breakfast. This is the time when many people have a regular bowel movement so it is easy to see why people would think orange juice leads to a bowel movement. Also, when people do not consume much fruit and then drink orange juice it can cause the stomach to become upset because they are not used to it. Consuming orange juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning can make the effects even more prevalent.

If orange juice is causing you to poop on a consistent basis or is upsetting your stomach you should see your health care provider for a check up right away.

Suzanne Somers

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