Does Nestea Have Caffeine?

Nestea is a very popular tea and beverage brand in the United States. They make a wide assortment of natural and flavored ice teas.

Many people drink their beverages, but want to know does Nestea have caffeine? The answer depends on what type of Nestea drink you are consuming. Lets take a look at the facts:

The company's Sweetened with Lemon and Lemonade Tea varieties contain 20mg to 30mg of caffeine per eight ounce serving. Their unsweetened 100% regular teas contain 20-30 mg per eight ounce serving. The unsweetened decaffeinated tea contains less than 1mg of caffeine per eight ounce serving.
So there you have it many of their drinks contain a minimum amount of caffeine, but they do make decaffeinated beverages for those who do not want to consume caffeine.

Drinking caffeine in minimal amounts is actually beneficial because it contains several different antioxidants. Caffeine is a plant based food, which is why it contains antioxidant properties. A recent study showed that caffeine is the main source for antioxidants for Americans. The study found that drinking two cups of coffee per day was healthy provided the coffee was not loaded with sugar and cream.

So it turns out that drinking Nestea is not only good for you but the caffeine in it contains antioxidants that will help keep you healthy and protect you from sickness.

Suzanne Somers

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