Does Muscle Milk Work?

Muscle Milk is whey protein and has 33 grams of protein and 33 calories per serving. It is also lactose free, so it is really not milk at all. Muscle milk was designed to resemble a mother’s milk, which is rich in nutrients that the body uses to grow muscles. It has a blend of protein, fats, and carbohydrates and claims to help promote lean muscle growth and repair. It can be found in most nutrition and health-food stores and comes in a variety of flavors. You can drink it before or after a workout and as a meal replacement, much like other protein shakes. When muscle milk is consumed before a workout, it gives the body an energy boost by sending its nutrients straight to the muscles. After a workout, it helps the body recover, by again sending those nutrients straight to the muscles it has been working out. So, does muscle milk work? It depends on how you use it and what you want your intended results to be.

Drinking Muscle Milk alone will not induce weight loss, since it is high in fat and is geared towards promoting muscle mass. You will have to add a rigorous muscle or strength training routine in addition to drinking the beverage in order to see weight loss results. It should be noted that the fat Muscle Milk consists of is the good fat that provides quick energy. The Mayo Clinic says that one pound of fat is equal to approximately 3,500 calories. This means that if you load up on several servings of Muscle Milk and you aren’t carefully watching your diet, you could go well over your recommended caloric intake and put on several inches of flab instead of muscle. But, if you track your calories and protein intake throughout the day and lift weights regularly, you could easily burn through the fat and replace it with lean muscle.

According to the July 2010 issue of Consumer Health magazine, Muscle Milk contains more heavy metals per 3 servings than is considered safe by the US Pharmacopeia. However, it does have other nutritional benefits. It contains lean lipids that boost the metabolism, encourage the synthesis of protein, it has special anti-inflammatory effects, and it helps the body retain the minerals it needs to sustain during workout. The protein blend in muscle milk is comprised of whey and casein, which both aid in absorption and digestion. The whey protein increases amino acids and causes the body to synthesize protein and build muscle. Because the whey protein burns fast, the casein kicks in by giving the body more time for protein synthesis and more time to build muscle.

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