Does Milk Make You Taller?

Milk does not make you taller, contrary to what some may think.  While milk does contain calcium, which helps to strengthen your bones, it will not make you grow in height only genes and time can do that.

As a young person, still growing, paying attention to your diet and getting plenty of rest and exercise can be highly beneficial to the process. However, drinking milk or taking calcium supplements will do nothing for your rate of growth or increased height. The only true way to improve your growth and development process is to eat balanced meals that contain fruits and vegetables, get plenty of rest and remain active.  These healthy practices will improve your development over time, but depending on your genes will not determine your height.

If you are still growing, drinking milk is great for your bone density development.  While milk may help your bones to grow strong, it wont necessarily cause you to grow taller.

Milk is full of nutritional value, but can contain a lot of calories. However, if you simply after something to strengthen your bones, milk is it. Milk provides a lot of calcium that keeps the bones strong over time.  While it wont contribute to your height, it will help your body grow and develop the right way.

Milk does not make you taller, but can help to keep you strong.

Suzanne Somers

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