Does Losing Weight Make You Taller?

There is a common myth in the weight loss community that claims losing weight makes you taller.  This is a myth that is simply untrue. Let’s look at why this myth has become popular.

When a person is overweight or considered to be obese, they may appear shorter than they really are.  The added weight gives them the appearance of being rounder and plumper, shortening the legs and arms.  When the limbs appear shorter, you have the appearance of being shorter in stature.  Losing weight doesn’t necessarily make you taller but eliminates some of the fat that makes you appear shorter than you are.

As you lose weight through exercise and proper nutrition, your body becomes leaner.  Many people who lose significant inches on their entire body take on a leaner appearance.  When your legs become leaner, you actually look taller! 

This is where the myth arose that losing weight makes you taller.  Of course, it is simply not true, but when you lose weight your legs appear leaner and longer.  Losing one to two inches off of your thighs is a significant amount.  When you lose this amount of fat off of your legs you can actually gain the appearance of an inch or two in length.  Also, muscle tone lengthens the leg and arms, making you appear taller and longer than you really are.

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