Does Laughing Burn Calories?

We often hear the saying, laughter is the best medicine.  This is also true when it comes to burning calories, because laughing does burn calories and expends energy that would otherwise be conserved if a person was upset or unhappy.  Laughter requires stomach muscles become engaged in the process causing more calories to be burned than when a person is sitting or standing.  

On average, 15-35 calories are burned during a good laugh that involves the stomach or abdominal muscles.  When a person laughs, they are typically surrounded by family or friends, which also puts them at ease and releases brain chemicals and hormones that provide feelings of happiness.

A person who laughs is typically less stressed and more relaxed.  If you are considered to be a happy person by those around you, you may be less likely to get anxious and stressed out.  Stress can cause weight gain and the body to preserve fat and energy.  A person who laughs is more relaxed and as a result, burns more calories on a regular basis.  The body does not release stress hormones and becomes more balanced.  The metabolic rate is typically faster in those who are more relaxed and not stressed.  Laughing does burn more calories than being upset or unhappy, so it pays to relax and start living a healthy and happy life.

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