Does Jumping Make You Taller?

There are a lot of mixed messages and signals out there that indicate jumping does make you taller, but is this belief true?

Many people believe that if you jump up from a squatted position you can create muscle memory that is then translated into growth. However, experts argue that the only way to make yourself taller is through development over time and heredity or genes.  These are genetic traits that are acquired from your parents and grandparents. If you want to know how tall you are going to be, simply take a look at your grandparents and assess their height.  This will give you a clear indication of how tall you will be.

Jumping is a great exercise for strengthening muscles throughout your body, including your legs and back.  When your muscles develop in the legs you can take on a leaner and more elongated appearance.  Jumping accentuates the leg muscles and makes you appear leaner and stronger.

Jumping is simply a great exercise for your heart and body; it is not designed to make you taller.  The only way to ensure proper growth and development is to eat the right kinds of food, get plenty of rest and make sure you exercise regularly.  Jumping is one of those exercises that can help, but jumping does not make you taller.

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