Does Jasmine Tea Have Caffeine?

Many people are becoming health conscience and are trying to limit their caffeine intake. We all know that most teas have some caffeine in them, but does Jasmine tea have caffeine? Before we find out lets take a look at how it is made.

Jasmine tea originated during the Sung Dynasty and dates back thousands of years. Jasmine tea is made by infusing oolong tea with the fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers. Jasmine flowers are harvested and then stored in a cool dry place. The tea leaves are then put on the jasmine leaves so the smell is infused. Now that we know how it is prepared, does Jasmine tea have caffeine?

The answer is yes. One cup of Jasmine tea has between 5-20 mg of caffeine. That's not much, but it should be avoided by those who want to limit their caffeine intake for health or religious purposes. It should be avoided by pregnant women and people with high blood pressure.

Jasmine tea is actually a great option for those who still want to drink caffeine without consuming sugary and fattening coffee based drinks. It is popular because of its light taste and the feeling it gives the body and mind. Caffeine in small doses is actually good for people according to several studies. Jasmine tea is often used by people to lose weight.


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