Does Hydroxycut Really Work?

Much like any weight loss supplement, Hydroxycut does work but has as many drawbacks as it does benefits.  With thousands of weight loss products offered at our disposal it is difficult to know which ones are beneficial and which ones are complete garbage.

Hydroxycut is a thermogenic inspired weight loss drug that is designed to offer quick results when it comes to fat loss.  It is based on a caffeine, ECA stack, aspirin stack and AKA ephedrine.  This combination is supposed to be highly effective in shedding unwanted pounds and providing a lean look.  However, harmful effects can occur when the product is abused which it often is!

Experts recommend the initiation of the supplement be small and light.  You should test your body's tolerance to the supplement before taking the full doses.  The product should not be taken for more than 12 weeks and never more than 100 mg a day.  With this dosage in mind, Hydroxycut is designed to actually speed up the metabolism and increase fat oxidation.  This means that losing weight is made easy if combined with the proper nutritional diet and exercise program.

There are a wide number of benefits associated with the supplement, including the following:
    •    Increased energy 
    •    Decreased appetite 
    •    Increased metabolism 
    •    Enhanced weight and fat loss

Hydroxycut users also reported that during workouts they were able to lift heavier weights, perform stronger and experienced a burst of energy during their exercises.  While many people taper down and find themselves requiring more oxygen during a workout, Hydroxycut users reported small bursts of energy that allowed them to perform better. However, there are some warnings attached to over-use and even regular use of the supplement.  Some of the most common side effects included nose bleeding, headaches, dizziness, acne outbreaks, blurred vision, increased heart rates during rest time, elevated blood pressure, and feelings of restlessness and hyperactivity throughout the day and night.

Serious side effects may also occur, especially with overuse of the product.  These rare, but serious side effects consisted of chest pain, nausea, severe head pain and irregular heartbeats.  Doctors recommend halting the consumption of Hydroxycut if any of these symptoms or side effects occur.

According to research done on Hydroxycut users, there was weight and fat loss visible over a twelve week period.  Those that combined the use of the weight loss supplement with a proper diet and regular rounds of exercise were more likely to lose weight and inches than those who did not eat properly and led a rather sedentary lifestyle. The key is to not overuse the product and monitor your symptoms, should they surface. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, you are most likely to lose weight.

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