Does Green Tea Make You Poop?

Green Tea is a known diuretic, but can also make you poop if consumed in excess.  Green tea has a variety of antioxidant properties that helps eliminate waste from the digestive tract.

Many people who drink green tea on a regular basis experience regular bowel movements and little to no constipation. There are some green tea drinkers who report significant bouts of diarrhea if green tea is consumed in excess. However, most green tea drinkers experience a mild laxative type benefit when drinking green tea.  Most people who have trouble with their bowels or a sensitive stomach experience excess elimination.

Green tea contains antioxidants and natural herbal laxatives that promote bowel movements and intestinal cleansing. Doctors warn against women who are pregnant consuming green tea on a regular basis because of the laxative type effects that can arise.

Whenever you consume a natural laxative you can expect to eliminate.  Regular drinkers of green tea claim to experience better bowel movements than if drinking a cup of coffee which contains the natural caffeine laxative.  Green tea is herbal, so the properties are more natural than that of coffee.  The stimulant in green tea activates the intestine and colon causing waste to be eliminated at a faster than normal rate.  Green tea is great for those who have trouble with constipation and are looking to regulate their bowel movements.

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