Does Flaxseed Go Bad?

Flaxseed does go bad if left on the shelf for years and years because it contains flaxseed oil that spoils over a certain period of time.  It is important to know how to seal and store your flaxseed in order to prevent it from going bad.

Flaxseed contains oil, also referred to as flaxseed oil, which can go bad if stored improperly.  Below are some helpful tips to prevent your flaxseed from going bad.

Most people store flaxseed or flaxseed oil in the pantry or cupboard shelf.  While the pantry may be a cool and dark environment, it is not as good as the refrigerator. Keeping flaxseed sealed in a plastic and air tight container in the refrigerator can greatly lengthen the life of your flaxseed and prevent it from going bad.  If you don’t have a plastic container, a plastic zip lock baggy can help keep your flaxseed safe as long as moisture does not get in.

The oil found in the flaxseed can cause it to go rancid if water gets in the container where it is being stored.  Sometimes rancid flaxseed cannot be detected via smell, but the taste can be quite repulsive.  It is best to prevent flaxseed from spoiling by keeping it sealed at all times.

Sealing flaxseed is the key to keeping it in good shape.  The worst thing you can do is consume rancid flaxseed – you may never want it again!

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