Does Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

Many people will try fasting in an effort to lose weight. Fasting is also done for religious and spiritual purposes. But does Fasting help you lose weight? Experts say no.

You will lose weight at the beginning of your fast, but the long term effects include vitamin and mineral deficiency, less muscle mass, and a much slower metabolism.

The human body is quite effective at conserving its resources. When you stop giving it food, it will react  by slowing down the metabolism in an effort to conserve. Without food, it will tap into stored energy from fat and muscle in order to get energy. Again, this will result in weight loss at the beginning, but will tape off drastically as your metabolism slows down.

The other downside of fasting when it comes to weight loss is the viability of it as a long term weight loss strategy. Obviously this is not something you can keep doing over the long term. What typically happens is that people will lose a few pounds fasting then go off of their fast. What their left with is a hungry appetite and slower metabolism. Nearly 100% of people end up gaining the weight back and then some.

If you are going to fast, try fasting from specific foods, but not food entirely. Fasting unhealthy foods is a better strategy according to experts, and can help you develop healthy eating habits over the long run.

Suzanne Somers

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