Does Drinking Water Promote Weight Loss?

We have all heard it before.  Drinking eight-8 ounce glasses of water a day is good for you.  Why is this concept so important?  With a significant amount of the human body being made up of water, drinking it is crucially important.

People who are trying to lose weight are recommended to drink lots of water.  Research within the diet industry reveals that most people who are not getting enough water on a regular basis, struggle to lose weight, hit more roadblocks and plateaus and actually put weight back on. Drinking water provides many benefits to the dieter and not getting enough of it can cause problems along the weight loss way.  Water helps a person lose weight faster and keep it off.  Water actually helps a person fight the fat and win.

Benefits of Drinking Water
    •    Appetite Suppressor - People who drink enough water throughout the day feel full and are less likely to cheat on their diets.  Water acts as an appetite suppressor and helps people who are trying to lose weight to feel hungry less often.  People who do not get enough water throughout the day often feel hungry and are more likely to cheat on their diet.  Drinking a large glass of water prior to eating a meal can actually suppress the appetite, causing you to eat less than you would have if water had not been consumed.
    •    Cholesterol Reducer - Drinking enough water throughout the day can work to reduce high cholesterol levels in the body.  Water works to combat high cholesterol and bring the level down to a lower and healthier rate.  It helps dissolve and emulsify cholesterol in the blood stream and lower the levels.  Lowering cholesterol can actually help you slim down at a quicker rate because you become healthier and lose belly inches.
    •    Improves Digestion - The digestive system can be greatly improved by increasing the intake of water. The digestive system actually requires water in order to function properly and effectively.  When a person feels tired, fatigued and bloated it is most likely due to poor water intake.  In order to improve digestion, up the water intake.  A faster digestive system can also promote weight loss.
    •    Helps with Muscle Growth and Toning - When muscles are dehydrated very little toning can take place.  Muscles require water in order to tone and no matter how much exercise and strength training takes place, when you are dehydrated you will not see much toning.  It is important to drink water throughout the day in order to see the benefits from working out.
    •    Helps Improve Liver Function - The liver metabolizes fat and in order to work properly in conducting its job must have a lot of water.  Water is required by the liver in order to lose weight and metabolize the fat.  If the liver does not have enough water, it will store the excess fat and cause you to gain weight.  Drinking at least eight large glasses of water daily helps improve fat loss and liver function.
    •    Rids the Body of Toxins  - Drinking the right amount of water each day helps your system operate effectively and be healthier.  Drinking water cleanses the body of toxins and restores balance in the system.  Drinking a lot of water is vital to losing weight and keeping your body in good health.  The immune system can be boosted when upping water intake.
    •    Hunger Confusion is Stopped - Many times dieters confuse being hungry with actually being thirsty.  It is easy to think that you are hungry when, in fact, you are thirsty.  It is encouraged for people trying to lose weight to actually drink a large glass of water before eating to help curb the appetite.  Most of the time, the person was actually thirsty and not hungry at all.

Suzanne Somers

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