Does Crying Burn Calories?

Crying does burn calories at a slightly faster rate than a person who is not crying.  The act of crying requires a person be in a slightly elevated emotional state.  This can cause the body to go into a stressful mode and activate hormones to protect the body from experiencing pain, whether emotional or physical.  The processes that take place result in an increased heart rate, sweating and perspiration, and rapid breathing.  All of these actions that take place may result in the body burning more calories.

So, how many calories does crying burn?  When a person cries, the body’s systems are activated and during a twenty minute crying session may result in burning up to 100 calories.  This does not mean that crying should become a part of your weight loss plan because stress and prolonged upset may result in the body going into an emotional state that results in stress hormones being released.  When stress hormones are released, the body thinks it is in a stress filled state causing conservation and preservation of fat stores.  When this process happens the body has a tendency to conserve energy and as a result burn less calories than when a person is relaxed and feeling little to no stress.

Suzanne Somers

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