4 Delicious Summer Time Foods That Will Help you Stay Fit and Fabulous

Staying disciplined and avoiding extra weight gain can be challenging, especially during the summertime. It’s easy to get discouraged, particularly when looking to lose or maintain your weight by dieting. The desire to chow down on our favorite foods can make this season much more difficult as well. Moderation is always a good rule, but what foods can we eat to keep us on track? The answer might surprise you. 

Cutting back the pounds for the summer doesn’t have to mean cutting back on flavor. It is possible to eat many of your favorite meals while staying fit and healthy. There are a number of refreshing and light summer foods that taste fabulous and will also help you shed some weight. Sounds like a great summer plan, right? Here’s our list of summertime favorites that won’t make you compromise on your weight loss goals!

Shrimp – Low in Fat, High in Protein

Shrimp is filled with protein and is also very low in fat. On top of this, it’s a great source of vitamin b12. Eat shrimp and use it for a variety of dishes such as on a salad, by itself, or as a mixture with avocado and mini tomatoes for a tasty summer dish.

Canned Tuna – Packed with Protein and Great as a Snack

Love tuna? Enjoy a tuna sandwich on whole-wheat and consider switching the mayo for greek yogurt. Or if you’re really crazy for tuna, feel free to eat it directly out of the can! It’s packed full of protein that your body craves, and tastes yummy with crackers which makes it perfect for a light snack! 

Watermelon – Light and Refreshing

Watermelon is the perfect fruit to eat during the summertime. Light and healthy, this fruit will make you feel satisfied while still eating healthy. Eat it with some turkey for a light afternoon meal or pair it with other healthy fruits, such as grapes and apples. In addition, watermelon contains plenty of vitamins that your body needs, such as vitamins A, C, and plenty of antioxidants and amino acids.

Greek Yogurt – Filling and Tasty

Greek yogurt is super delicious and the good news is that it also has twice as much protein as other low-fat yogurts. If you’d like an extra punch of flavor, try adding cinnamon or granola for a delicious breakfast or late afternoon treat. There are many weight loss friendly foods that pair beautifully with greek yogurt so feel free to get creative! 

Remember – Eating in moderation is important, but being adventurous with your healthy food choices can still help you achieve your goals. So start your search now and look for filling foods that are packed with protein and other vital nutrients. You’ll be looking fit and fabulous in no time at all!

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