Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Seems like an odd question, but one that many people want to know but are afraid to ask. But thanks to the internet you can now find out the answer while avoiding embarrassment. Yes, coffee does make you poop. Here’s why:

Coffee, both caffeinated and decaffeinated, have powerful stimulants in them that facilitate bowel movements. Add caffeine in the mix and the effects are even more profound. Coffee seemingly activates the colon and “gets things moving” because it is also a diuretic when you are consuming the caffeinated variety. In fact, many alternative therapists and natural doctors recommend people undergo caffeine or coffee enemas to clean out the colon every once in awhile.

Mainstream medicine does not recommend this nor is there much substantiated evidence that getting a coffee enema has any real health benefits. But one thing science and medicine can prove is that coffee does indeed make you go poop.
Some people use it as a constipation remedy. It can cause you to have loose stool so be careful about drinking too much if you already have an upset stomach. Many people report it helps them stay regular because they drink their morning coffee and then head off into the bathroom to do their duty.

You probably won’t see any coffee companies using this as a marketing tool anytime soon, but now you know the scoop about coffee and poop.

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