Does Coffee Dehydrate You?

Does coffee dehydrate you? Ask that question to most people and they’ll probably tell you that coffee does dehydrate you. It is true that caffeine is a diuretic, but only at very elevated levels. So the answer is that caffeine can dehydrate you, but you have to drink copious amounts of coffee equivalent to about six cups of strong coffee without drinking any other liquids.

The reason is that coffee is obviously mostly water with limited caffeine. Studies have found that coffee is about 1 part caffeine to 2500 parts water. That ratio means that there is little chance that a normal coffee drinker would never get dehydrated drinking coffee. Studies show that coffee is very good for you when you drink about two cups per day. In fact, coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in the United States. Experts recommend that individuals be careful about loading up their coffee drinks with calorie laden creams and sugars.

Coffee has several different antioxidants because it is a plant based food. It does not have extremely high levels compared to fruits and vegetables, but it is the number one source of antioxidants because Americans consume it at such as high level.

So now you know the truth. As long as you do not drink over six cups of strong coffee while not drinking any other liquids, coffee will not dehydrate you.

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