Does Cocoa Powder Have Caffeine?

Cocoa Powder is a staple in many recipes including several delicious desserts. Some people who have sensitivities to caffeine or do not want to ingest it for religious reasons want to know the answer to the question, does cocoa powder have caffeine? Lets take a look at the answer.

Yes. Cocoa powder does have caffeine in it, but its virtually zero. One table spoon has about 7 mg of caffeine in it. To put that into perspective, one cup of decaffeinated coffee has about 4mg of caffeine it it while one cup of regular coffee has 70-120 mg of caffeine. In other words, it technically has some caffeine in it, but not enough to cause any caffeine related symptoms such as nervousness, sleeplessness or the jitters.

There are actually two different types of cocoa powder. One is natural and one is Dutched. The Dutched variety is soaked in a solution and then ground into a chocolate liquor. This process reduces the acidic taste and actually fares much better in taste test compared to all natural cocoa powder.

For individuals who do not want to ingest caffeine for religious reasons, it is up to you to decide where to draw the line. Some people choose to eat cocoa powder because it has such minimal amounts of caffeine while others do not.

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