Does Chewing Gum Make You Fat?

People of all ages enjoy chewing gum as a way to keep their breath fresh and to enjoy a tasty treat. But does chewing gum make you fat?

The answer is no, chewing gum will not make you fat. Most chewing gums are sugar free these days and have zero to five calories per piece. That’s just too insignificant to cause you to gain weight. Even the sugary kinds that are not sugar free have only 10-15 calories per piece. Also, chewing gum actually burns a few extra calories because of the extra movement of the jaw as well as keeping the metabolism going. Chewing gum actually tricks your body into thinking it’s eating. That’s why many people experience increased hunger when chewing gum.

Chewing gum does add a little extra calories to your diet, but not enough where it is going to make you fat. If you are that worried about it then try chewing sugar free calorie free gum. That way you won’t consume any extra calories and will even burn a few by chewing.

The only time where chewing gum could become a concern is if you were chewing en entire pack of sugary bubble gum in a day. That would add up to a few hundred extra calories plus all the extra carbs. Other than that, enjoying a nice stick of gum or two throughout your day is much better than eating candy.

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