Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine?

Chai tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold and is becoming one of the most popular teas on the market in American, since its introduction in the early 1990's.  Many have wondered if chai tea does have caffeine and if it is a better option than coffee.

Due to the belief that chai tea contains less caffeine than coffee, many are making the switch from their beloved java to drinking chai tea. However, there is quite a lot of caffeine in chai tea similar to coffee. In one 4-ounce cup of chai tea there are about 40 mg of caffeine.  If you are trying to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume and still want to drink chai tea, it is best to look for the decaffeinated versions that are available.  A decaffeinated base can be used in place of the caffeinated black tea foundation.  While there is still a little caffeine in even the decaffeinated variety, using this base can reduce the amount considerably.

The most popular chai tea is vanilla chai.  While manufacturers and retailers differ in the amount of caffeine found in their version of chai tea, the average amount of caffeine 25 mg per cup.  Decaffeinated chai tea will slash that number in half.

Chai tea does have caffeine, but slightly less than coffee and can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors.

Suzanne Somers

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