Does Carbonated Water Hydrate You?

Hydration has been in the news lately, and there are now questions as to the effectiveness of carbonated beverages’ ability to hydrate. Soft drinks such as soda, carbonated waters and other carbonated beverages have gotten a bad reputation because of studies that link these types of drinks to obesity and lack of hydration. So what about carbonated water? Does carbonated water hydrate you? Let’s look at the facts.

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water. This may occur by consuming diuretic substances or by not consuming enough fluids. Studies conclusively show that carbonated water does not dehydrate you. Scientific studies show that the body does not process carbonated water any differently than regular water.

There are different types of carbonated waters that include sugar, sugar substitutes and flavoring that all affect hydration, but even those beverages that have sweeteners and flavors do not dehydrate you. They may not hydrate you as well as water, but they do not cause dehydration. Scientists and food experts suspect that people believe these beverages dehydrate you because they drink them in place of regular drinking water.

It’s fine to enjoy carbonated water, but it should not be your main source of hydration. It should not take the place of water. Every individual still needs to consume eight eight ounce glasses of plain old water.

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