Does Camomile Tea Have Caffeine?

Camomile tea is a relaxing tea flavor that is known for its calming properties, but does camomile tea have caffeine?  The details are listed below.

Camomile tea is an herb based tea that doesn't contain caffeine.  It is made of chamomile flowers and has been provided in tea recipes for hundreds of years.
The Egyptians actually grew chamomile flowers from seeds they obtained from English gardens centuries upon centuries ago.

Chamomile flowers, when brewed, produce a lightly sweetened mild-honey like aroma that has been said to calm the nerves and soothe the senses.  Since it is a natural herb there is no caffeine introduced into the tea flavor.

This tea is great to relieve stress after a hard day at work. Tea drinkers love this flavor of tea because of its light taste and calming features. Unlike green tea, chamomile doesn't contain caffeine or any properties that speed up the nervous system.  It actually does the opposite and soothes the senses while calming the nervous system.

Chamomile tea can be made cold or hot, but most people who drink this tea opt for the hot version.  Since camomile tea does not have caffeine it can be consumed at all hours of the day without the fear of keeping you awake at night.
Some drinkers consume the tea before bed and are soothed into a perfect nights sleep.

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