Does Calcium Make You Taller?

Does calcium make you taller?  Lets look at the facts.

Calcium is a critical vitamin that the body needs.  Calcium does many things for the body in terms of health, but it wont make it taller.  The only thing that will make your height increase is time and heredity.  If you are 12 or younger, your body may still be growing.  Taking excess amounts of calcium will not make you grow taller over time, but can cause damage if you are too young to be taking supplements.

It is a myth that taking calcium can make you taller.  If you are under the age of 16 and taking excess amount of calcium, you can actually do harm to your body.  Anyone who tells you that calcium will make you grow taller is ignorant or misinformed.

Research shows that only time and genes help you to grow taller.  If you want to know about how tall you will be when an adult, take a look at your grandparents height.  This will give you a good indication of how tall you will be.  Taking more calcium will not help and can actually disrupt the growth plates and bones, causing problems.

So, there you have it, calcium does not make you taller, but is a good source of nutrients and a solid vitamin that the body needs to be healthy and achieve strong bones.

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