Does Caffeine Make You Gain Weight?

Caffeine does not necessarily make you gain weight, however, there are some adverse symptoms to weight loss that may be experienced with increased consumption. Caffeine is considered a stimulant and actually causes excess urination if not consumed in moderation.  The chemicals associated with caffeine stimulate the bladder and cause urination to occur.  However, if a person consumes caffeine in excess, the opposite may occur.

Studies show that individuals who drink more than four cups of coffee a day are more inclined to become dehydrated and experience bloating.  When bloating occurs, you may appear heavier than you actually are.  Many excessive coffee and caffeine-ridden tea drinkers experience puffiness in the face, swelling in the legs and arms, and bloating around the middle torso region.  All of these symptoms give the appearance of weight gain.

To combat this problem, experts recommend drinking less caffeine.  This means cutting back on the number of cups of coffee you drink in the morning upon waking up.  Caffeinated sodas may also cause problems with bloating, so cutting back on your intake is beneficial.  Look for decaf sodas or switch to herbal teas that do not contain caffeine.

While you may not gain weight from drinking too much caffeine, you may look like you have packed on a few extra pounds.  Whenever you feel bloated, start guzzling the water and wait for the results.

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