Does Breathing Burn Calories?

Breathing burns as many calories as most natural processes occurring in the body.  The number of calories burned is contingent on a wide number of variables, including your weight, fitness level, resting heart rate, age and gender.  A person who is overweight and has a slow metabolic rate may burn fewer calories when breathing than a fit and in-shape person who is toned and full of lean muscle.  This entire process is often referred to as your resting metabolic rate or RMR.  A person who is physically fit has a tendency to burn more calories than a person who is not in shape, even if the person is the same age and gender.  It all comes down to muscle tone and fitness as muscle burns more calories than fat.

Men require more calories to exist and breathe than women.  According to the Mayo Clinic, the average number of calories a man needs to survive is approximately 5-10 percent less than the number of calories needed by a woman.  If the woman is working out extensively, they may need more calories than if living a sedentary life.  Breathing is a natural process that the body needs to operate in order to survive.  A certain number of calories are required to fuel the body’s systems and keep them operating effectively.  Breathing is one of those processes that does require calories for fuel and energy.

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