Does Bloating Cause Weight Gain?

Bloating is more of a symptom rather than a cause, but new research reveals that excessive bloating over the long term does cause weight gain.

Weight gain is normally caused by overeating and not burning off the excess calories.  If we eat more than we need to and more than we burn off, weight gain is inevitable.  However, there are conditions that may make us more susceptible to weight gain and one of those is bloating.

When a person bloats they swell in the joints, retain fluid and become inflamed.  When this occurs there is thought to be a release of certain hormones which can lead to permanent weight gain.

The best way to eliminate weight gain caused by bloating is to keep hydrated and lessen the salt intake.  It is also beneficial to eat foods that are lean and pure, as opposed to fatty foods that are processed.  Fast food and sweets containing excess sugars are not good for bloating problems.  Over-consumption leads to fat and weight gain.

Another way to eliminate bloating is to increase the amount of water you consume each day.  Drinking eight glasses of water a day is a great way to combat bloating and keep your system working effectively.  In combination with cutting back on salt will help you to eliminate bloating and the possibility of gaining weight.

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