Does Benefiber Help You Lose Weight?

Benefiber is a flavorless fiber supplement that can be mixed in water or taken in pill form. Yes, Benefiber can help you lose weight because it may help you eat fewer calories and stay regular. Both factors can lead to weight loss. This doesn't mean you will lose weight by taking Benefiber but it may help you. The maximum amount of Benefiber you should take per day is 9 grams. Taking more Benefiber than that may cause gastrointestinal issues.

Health experts say that it is best to get your fiber from foods, but a fiber supplement such as Benefiber is better than nothing. Foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains are high in fiber and should be eaten with regularity.
Knowing that Benefiber helps you to lose weight is just another piece of helpful information to assist you in living a healthier lifestyle. Its best to take Benefiber with foods. Mixing it with a glass of water will help you drink more water as well.

Fun fact: The majority of Americans do not get nearly enough fiber. In fact, a study done at Harvard University disclosed that most Americans get just about 1/3 of the fiber they need. The recommended amount of fiber for adults is about 20 grams per day. Health experts believe that you can lose weight by eating weight because the fiber helps you feel fuller longer.


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