20 Everyday Changes That Help You Lose Weight

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference in weight loss. Below we take a look at 20 practical changes you can make in your life to help you lose weight – and keep it off.

1. Drink An Eight Ounce Glass Of Cold Water Before Every Meal
This is a technique that worked for people who participated in a weight loss study at the University of Utah. The people who drank 8 ounces of water before their meal ended up eating less than those who did not drink water beforehand. The result was an increase in weight loss caused by a reduction in calories.

2. Do Not Eat After 7 PM
Calories late at night seem to go directly to the belly and hips. Why? It’s because most people are sedentary at night, which means the calories are not burned off like they are during the day. Stop eating after 7 PM and you save yourself from those extra calories that pack on the weight.

3. Only Drink Water
Calories from soda, juice, and lattes have no nutrition and add up quickly. Just one soda and one latte per day can be over 500 calories! Most people have to work out an hour in the gym to burn that many calories. Why not just save yourself time at the gym by not consuming those calories in the first place?

4. Cut Down on Portion Sizes
Everything people eat in America is 'Supersized'. One of the main reasons people are so fat is because of the huge portions. When making your food cut down your portions by 30-50% and you cut down on the caloric intake by that much as well. You can still enjoy the foods you love, just not as much at one time.

5. Pack a Lunch
Many people eat out at lunch every day during the work week. Start brown-bagging it and pack yourself some healthy food. You’ll save a ton of money too.

6. Take the Stairs
Taking the stairs at the mall or at work can help your heart and burn a few extra calories. Elevators are for wimps!

7. Eat Whole Wheat
It’s hard for people to give up their pasta and bread. Instead of cutting them out of your diet, choose the healthier whole wheat versions instead.

8. Forget the Condiments
Condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, and dressings are packed with fat and calories. Use the low-calorie versions or cut them out all together.

9. Increase Your Sex Life
Having sex with your partner is not only great for the relationship, but it burns a ton of calories.

10. Coffee
If you still need to have your morning coffee that is okay. Instead of whole milk or cream loaded with sugar and fat, switch to a fat free, sugar free version.

11. Wake Up and Workout
Wake up ten minutes earlier than you normally do and do some stretching, yoga, and light exercises. This will burn some calories and steadily increase your metabolism over time.

12. Chew Sugar Free Gum
Chewing gum actually burns calories and is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Carry a pack with you at all times. When you feel tempted to eat sweets, pop a stick in chomp away.

13. Get Enough Sleep
Studies at the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins both show that a lack of sleep can pack on the pounds. It causes your body’s hormones to get out of balance leading to weight gain, and also makes you feel too tired to exercise.

14. Chocolate Fix
If you absolutely need your chocolate fix try a Jello pudding snack instead of a candy bar.

15. Turkey Bacon
Switch to turkey bacon instead of the pork variety. It tastes great and is just as filling.

16. TV Time
Jog in place, do sit-ups, or push-up during the commercial breaks of your favorite television shows. The average 30 minute show has over 8 minutes worth of commercials.

17. Don’t Shop Hungry
People who shop hungry always end up getting foods that they crave. Eat before you go shopping.

18. Shop with a List
Make a grocery list before you shop and do not deviate from it.

19. An Apple a Day
A study done by the Washington State Apple Commission showed that people who eat 2-3 apples per day lost weight.

20. Switch to Skim
Switching to skim milk will save you calories and fat.

Suzanne Somers

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